Indigenous Chapter Five

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while… hopefully I will be more consistent this time. Anyway, here is chapter five: I remember enjoying writing this chapter – inventing the character Aviv.  I also remember having written far more than what finally made it into the book.  Or at least ‘dreamt’ about a lot… Continue reading Indigenous Chapter Five

Indigenous Chapter Three

This, for me, is an interesting chapter in which the idea of how people who are suffering from bereavement are treated.  It is connected to the earlier mentioned theme of ‘Moving On’.   Is it necessary to always move on?  Life is not only about moving on, surely?  At some point or other you must find… Continue reading Indigenous Chapter Three

Indigenous Chapter Two

The year is over and a new one has begun.  A sentence with so much optimism in it.  It kind of shows I like to believe in fairy tales. But even amid all these ‘new beginnings’ I still haven’t started on the fifth part of Creation – well, not directly anyway.  I am still toying… Continue reading Indigenous Chapter Two

Indigenous Chapter One

I had planned to start the blog on the third book ‘Indigenous’ after Christmas.  However, as I am not in the mood to work on the fifth book, motivation collapse – I will start. The book opens with George writing a letter to his dad.  Sometimes, when I read this letter, I find myself not… Continue reading Indigenous Chapter One

Revelations Chapter Thirteen

This chapter is all about Jessie.  My sometimes ‘favorite’ character.  My personal preferences change with each new chapter.  After having read this one, I ended up asking myself whether it was possible for a man to really write about a believable young female character. I work a lot with children, and I also have kids… Continue reading Revelations Chapter Thirteen

Revelations Chapter Eleven

Having re-read this chapter, what I find most enjoyable about it is its speed.  The story rushes along, but not with superhero characters but – normal kids.  Evylin continues in her role as the more experienced player, this might have to do with the fact that I was taught girls matured earlier than boys –… Continue reading Revelations Chapter Eleven