Revelations Chapter Five

Chapter five begins with me poking fun at those ‘team spirit’ motivation talks that were so popular at the turn of the century.  As a piano player I often played at such functions during dinner and so often found myself standing on the sidelines watching some ‘young dynamic leader’ gesticulate his way through his speech.… Continue reading Revelations Chapter Five

Revelations Chapter Four

In this chapter, I play with the idea of what is ‘worth keeping’ and what isn’t.  The notion that in the future handwriting will no longer be taught, does seem likely.  I personally think the earlier children move onto working with a PC at school the better.  Being able to spell is overrated.  It should… Continue reading Revelations Chapter Four

Chapter Twelve

Chapter twelve is the last chapter of Connecting.  It basically shows the same scene but from two completely different viewpoints. First there is that of George’s and his shock in having killed someone who very clearly was a tyro and did not understand the game, in as much they had tried to surrender, and the… Continue reading Chapter Twelve

Chapter Eleven

After the ‘full’ chapter of ten, it is relaxing to read on into chapter eleven without any great futuristic inventions, only the lighthearted conversation between Jessie and her best friend, her Wallscreen. (The 3D camera system does sound good, and I am surprised no one has invented it so far.) I remember my daughter Linda,… Continue reading Chapter Eleven

Chapter Ten

Chapter ten is what I would describe as a ‘full’ chapter.  Of course, there is the story line: George continues to travel across level two towards the cross over gate, but at the same time, it develops George’s character further, through small insights into his relationship to his mom, his aunt, and Evylin.  Added to… Continue reading Chapter Ten

Chapter Nine

Chapter nine starts with George crossing over.  This is where the player moves between levels.  He also mentions that it is not possible to follow someone across.  I am not sure why or where this idea came from, but it prevents any player chasing another.  How it works is a bit like jumping out of… Continue reading Chapter Nine