Moving Forward

I know this blog is about I am GoD connecting, and hopefully some of you are waiting to read what influenced me to write chapter nine, but…  I’ve started writing again.   This is good news for me. I wasn’t suffering from writers’ block, as that’s something that happens to people who have deadlines and dates… Continue reading Moving Forward


This week’s blog is short.  I had hoped to write something wonderful, something inspiring, and something that would reflect human nature in a great way. Yes, I am talking about my charity month. It was a complete failure.  In fact, my sales have never been so low. I am not sure why it happened, I… Continue reading Unfortunately…

Chapter Eight

This chapter continues with George being back in the game and crossing the Pit.  My proofreader found it kind of nice the way I presented the scene of Jessie’s death from another perspective.  I hadn’t really much thought about it, but I find looking at things from different angles does help comprehension, especially in human… Continue reading Chapter Eight

Chapter Seven

The character IP200.008.476 is actually my favorite, at least when it comes to lovable and sweet. I have never met any girl exactly like her, but if I were to mix some of the students I have met, young and old, I would come out with someone similar.  She represents the age just before sexual… Continue reading Chapter Seven

Chapter Six

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in my blog.  Two reasons, one, my roller coaster of emotions was on a downward race, and I received my Covid19 AstraZeneca jab, which destroyed the weekend. But enough with the excuses.  The chapter begins with George and his dad playing chess. This idea is a… Continue reading Chapter Six

Chapter Five

The opening of chapter five describes what I would call a bad scenario of possible future events.  If the trend towards privately run kindergartens continue then the future of a child’s success in life could well be determined by which Kindergarten, he or she attends.  The gap between rich and poor seems to be growing… Continue reading Chapter Five

As Promised

Here is the promised screenshot of my Amazon account, before the 15th of March. Hopefully, by the 15th of April, the sum will be a lot more.

Charity Books

In the past, when I was a far more active musician, I used to help organize charity concerts.  It sounds noble, but it’s not, not really, not in my case, anyway.  If you know how much fun it is being on stage you might understand.  Doing something with other people who like doing the same… Continue reading Charity Books

Chapter Four

The challenge of this chapter was to find a way for George and Evylin to kill each other.  Trapped in a room with no other weapon than their own hands.  Usually, such mortal combat tends to leave someone alive.  So, you can imagine my pleasure when I remembered the idea of the Dim Mak.  The… Continue reading Chapter Four

Chapter Three

This chapter probably is the core of the whole story, without it, none of the rest of the book could exist.  The idea of George and Evylin having their avatar coding seen as virus, enables them to talk and communicate like no one else in the game. How I came up with this idea, beats… Continue reading Chapter Three