How it began

What inspired me to write it? A good question and one I can’t really answer.  I do know that around the same time as its creation, I was playing with the idea as to why would God create the world?  How it was created does not seem so important to me. One of my earlier… Continue reading How it began

Day One

Where to begin? This was my first question to myself. I have never written a blog before, but do not wish to research how it is done, either.  From my understanding, it is something like an open diary.  If I am wrong, does it matter?  As this blog is going to be a chapter-by-chapter personal… Continue reading Day One

Hello reader!

Welcome to my blog. It is all about the book series ‘I am GoD’. Hopefully, I will be able to answer some of your questions. Over the next few weeks, I will investigate what has inspired me: Names, places, and some of the events. I look forward to your remarks.