This week’s blog is short.  I had hoped to write something wonderful, something inspiring, and something that would reflect human nature in a great way.

Yes, I am talking about my charity month.

It was a complete failure.  In fact, my sales have never been so low.

I am not sure why it happened, I reached out socially.  I hired a respectable company to do some email advertising with a mailing list of over 120,000 for this genre. (Even they were surprised by the response.) I got a lot of my friends to spread the word among their private circles, and a lot of promises from people I know. (Broken promises always seem to harm relationships, don’t you think?)

But nothing.

So …  To save my face, I will not put up the sales figures, only the amount.  If any of you who bought a copy, if you wish to see the exact figures, please write and I will gladly show you.  (I do not expect a lot of emails.)

I will not however, allow this to stop me from believing people are basically kind and decent.  It is my advertising and social skills which are dreadful.

Next week I will add the receipt for the money transfer to the MS Center, as promised, with a little bit added from myself… again simply to save face.

Maybe next time.

There is always a next time.

By edwardholden

I have been lots of things to many people. Some nice, and some... well not so nice. Now I am older and less worried about what people think of me. My past is colorful, sad and happy. Filled with lots of unique people. I have been blessed in this way. I have walked with people in all walks of life, and I have loved each journey, and each and everyone of them. Now, I write. It is a new road. It is not a highway or a crossroad. It leads me somewhere though, and as I have always spent my life travelling, this suits me fine.

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